Application form

Founders + C-Level Employees by function eg. Community managers, moderators, social media manager etc. Please list team names along with their LinkedIn/Twitter profiles (if possible). If you do not have a team yet, please stipulate it.

This is not a requirement but it will help create credibility.

If you have a pitch deck, you can attach below.

How will minting your NFT give people value. Please give a detailed write up about what exactly holders can expect to gain. If you are a community & art driven project, please stipulate this.

What deliverables can holders expect post-mint? Pleas be clear and concise in your answers.

Please give us a breakdown. If you are unsure, put in a ballpark figure. We will assist with this part if your application moves to the next round.

Are there any associated risks that we should be made aware of?

Please attach some examples of the art (if you have any) or provide ideas of what you are wanting the artwork to look like. Specify the artists name and a link to his/her work if possible. NB: We do not get involved in the artwork of the project but we can help advise.

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