Fc*k, just take me back home


$NIBBLES is our fc*ken token. You can use $NIBBLES to do sh*t with. We made a bunch of $NIBBLES then put 60% into the Meowtel, 10% into a marketing pool, and 30% into a reserves pool. $NIBBLES is a deflationary token and the supply is going to 0, much like your NFT portfolio.


By checking your feline into our very exclusive feline friendly Meowtel, you will earn $NIBBLES daily. You know what happens at the Meowtel? Your felines find other felines and will probably end up fc*king. The longer they are in there, the more they fc*k and the more $NIBBLES you earn in return.

Checking your feline into the Meowtel will earn you 7 $NIBBLES per day. We will decrease the amount of $NIBBLES earned per day by 1 $NIBBLE every 3 months.

In order for your feline to earn ALL their $NIBBLES tokens, they will have to check into the Meowtel for a minimum of 7 days. If you decide to fetch him/her/it earlier, we’ll fc*k you over by giving you FC*K ALL tokens in return.

Yes, you read that correctly, ZERO tokens.

Check In Here
Why should we bother sending our feline to the Meowtel?

Both $NIBBLES & the MEOWTEL play a big role in the structure of how 10Lives Ventures will work. 10Lives will have various tiers, the more $NIBBLES you earn, they higher the tier you will be in and therefore the more you will benefit from 10LV.



Okay, tell me a lil more?

No. Get the fc*k outta here now!