Introducing: 10 Lives Ventures

Do you have a great NFT collection/project backed by real utility or something original but lack funding? Well, we got the capital and expertise you need.

in partnership with

Part 1:

10Lives Ventures is a Solana focused, NFT venture fund & incubator that sets out to provide capital and marketing expertise to up-and-coming entrepreneurs wanting to launch their first NFT project. Our aim is to reward DFWF holders through various revenue sharing opportunities.

We are backed by an in-real-life private VC firm (+ a network of others), as well as Trust Labs as the official Launchpad and Marketing partner of choice. We can help take your idea and make it a reality.  

All potential projects looking for funding by 10LV will undergo a thorough due diligence process by our team and Trust Labs.  

Deals will work on a per-project basis meaning that the stake and/or percentage of mint taken from each project vary from project to project. We will disclose all deals with the community once finalized by our team.

How does this benefit the DFWF community?

1. Percentage of Revenue to DFWF holders based on the amount of $NIBBLES accumulated

A percentage of revenue made from a project that 10LV funds will go into various community wallets. These wallets will work on a tiered system (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) and be based on the amount of $NIBBLES you hold. You will therefore collect your portion of the profits based on the tier you fall into, eg. Platinum would receive the highest percentage pay-out.

The more felines you have and the longer you leave them in the Meowtel, the higher the tier you fall into.

NB: The percentage allocated to the community will be worked out on a per-project basis.

2. DFWF holders have the option to buy into an NFT project based on their $NIBBLES holdings

When 10LV agrees to fund an NFT project, we will (at the discretion of the team) allow the community to fund a portion of the capital amount needed. By doing this, we give our holders the opportunity to become early investors in projects. This will allow holders to have a share in the mint funds generated and/or future revenue from the project.  

The allocation of how much each holder can invest will be determined by the amount of $NIBBLES they hold and the tier they fall into.

Revenue Allocation by Tiers:

The allocation of revenue based on 10LV will be dependent on four tiers as mentioned above. The tier you are in is determined by the amount of $NIBBLES you are holding at the end of the funding period:

Funding Period:

When we begin a venture, we will enter into a funding period. During this period, holders will be accumulating $NIBBLES in order to determine their tiers. At the end of the funding period, we will lock the individuals into their tiers. The day we announce a new project to the community will be the day the Funding Period begins.  Example: Funding Period begins on 1 November and ends December 31. During this period, holders will be accumulating $NIBBLES. On 1 January (after the funding period), our team will take a snapshot of the holders that have accumulated $NIBBLES into their appropriate tiers. In this example, if you have 20,000 $NIBBLES as of the 1st of January, you will be assigned to the Platinum Tier.

Claiming Period:

Following the Funding Period, we will then enter the Claiming Period. This will typically be 1 to 2 weeks. During the claim period, holders will need to cash-in their $NIBBLES in order to receive their allocated revenue.

Example: If you are in the Gold tier, you will need to exchange a minimum of 5,000 $NIBBLES in order to receive your allocated revenue.  

More information about where and how this claim process works will be released at a later time.

Part 2:

We are busy looking into giving DFWF holders early access to token/coin based projects which come across our desk on a regular basis. This would be across all major blockchains and it would allow DFWF holders the opportunity to collectively buy into the early rounds along with other VC’s. Most people don’t get this type of opportunity so that is why we are looking to bridge this gap by using our extensive network.

It is Important to note that this may be coming, whenever we feline it. We have always said no promises, and we mean it.

How do I apply for funding?

You can fill in our Application Form.

Once your application has been submitted it will enter our due diligence process where our team will analyse each application. If your application moves to the next round, an email will be sent to the applicant with the steps going forward.

If your application is successful, the next steps will be explained in an email sent to the applicant.